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For fastening solid floor/checker plate to open mesh or open grid grating

Plate-Grate-Fast is innovative.

Plate-Grate-Fast offers high corrosion protection and allows pre-drilled flooring plates to be placed at any orientation and fitted by a single person. Installation is completed efficiently from above without the need to access the underside of the open-grid grating. No drilling or welding, or cumbersome scaffolding is required.


  • 5/16” (8mm) counter-sunk flat socket cap screw bolt
  • Accommodates floor plate thickness from 1/4”–5/16” (6-8mm) , and grating bar depth from 1-3/8”–2” (35-50mm)
  • Bolt, casting and grating lug have stainless steel finish

Plate-Grate-Fast Installation

Step 1

Drill 11/2” (40mm) diameter hole in 1/4” (6mm) floor plate

Step 2

Countersink 90˚ inclusive 1/4” (6mm) deep

Step 3

On 2” (50mm) deep floor bars the grating lug is set at the end of the cap screw bolt. On 11/2” (40mm) deep floor bars, rotate the cap screw bolt until the base of the grating lug is 3/8” (10mm) from the end of the bolt. On 1-3/8” (35mm) deep floor bars, rotate the cap screw bolt until the base of the grating lug is 9/16” (15mm) from the end of the bolt.

Step 4

Place Plate-Grate-Fast into the counter-sunk hole and between bearing bars of open mesh flooring.

Step 5

Engage 5/16” (8mm) A/F hex wrench in 5/16” (8mm) A/F socket in center of Plate-Grate-Fast.

Step 6

Rotate Plate-Grate-Fast to position cap screw bolt and grating lug against edge of bearing bar.

Step 7

Engage 3/16” (5mm) A/F hex wrench in 3/16” (5mm) A/F socket of countersunk cap screw bolt.

Step 8

Rotate cap screw bolt clockwise.

Step 9

The grating lug will turn toward the bearing bar until its leg makes contact.

Step 10

Continue to tighten cap screw bolt. Grating lug will be drawn up the cap screw bolt and will activate the thread locking adhesive.

Step 11

When slight resistance to tightening is felt, tighten a further three-quarter turn, approx. 3/8” (11 mm).