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Grate-Fast Figure Grate-Fast Figure Grate-Fast Figure

Grate-Fast Standard
Grate-Fast 3D & 4D

For fastening bar grating to steel beams

Grate-Fast Standard (#SFGF-1)

  • 3/8” socket head galvanized cap screw bolt
  • Uses 5/16” hex wrench
  • Profiled nose to fit on flat or sloping beam flanges
  • 3/8” thread engagement to enable full loading for vibration resistance
  • Galvanized cast malleable iron body
  • 13 gauge galvanized top-hat bracket designed to fit bearing bar gauges 1/4”, 3/16” and 1/8” fixed at 1-3/16” centers
  • 2-1/4” cap screw bolt length to accommodate a wide range of bearing bar depths
  • Stepped tail fits beam flanges from 1/8” to 3/4”

Grate-Fast 3D & 4D (#SFGF-1-3D/#SFGF-1-4D)

  • Grate-Fast 3D & 4D are available from stock with a 3-1/4” OR 4-1/4” long cap screw bolt for applications with greater grating depth. Bolts longer than 4-1/4” are available on special order.
Grate-Fast 3D & 4D
  • Top Hat Bracket (#TH-1)

    13 gauge top-hat saddle
    clip available individually
  • Top Hat Bracket

Grate-Fast Installation


Step 1

Position the pre-assembled Grate-Fast with the body between the grating bars and the arrow on the nose pointing toward the steelwork with the top-hat bracket resting on the bearing bars. (Figure 1)

Step 2

Slide the Grate-Fast toward the steelwork until the nose fits under the beam flange. Where necessary, adjust the body/bolt to the approximate flange thickness/grating depth. (Figure 2)

Step 3

Tighten the cap screw bolt using the hexagon key. The Grate-Fast body casting will automatically rotate until it locks under the bearing bar, with the nose under the flange. Continue tightening to the recommended torque. Grate-Fast is now securely in position. (Figure 3)

Animated Installation Guide

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Grate-Fast Specifications

 › Malleable iron to DIN 1692,
   corresponding to ANSI/ASTM A47-84-32510
 › Minimum yield strength: 32,500 psi
 › Minimum tensile strength: 50,000 psi
 › Modulus of elasticity: 25,000,000 lbs.
 › Minimum elongation: 10% in 2”
 › BHN range: 110–130
 › Machinability: 120
Bracket: ASTM-A 446 76 Grade D
Socket head cap screw bolt: AISI C1008,
galvanizing ASTM B695 Class 50
Weight per 100 units: 44 lbs.

Torque recommendations:
Grate-Fast: 22ft. lbs.
Ultimate Load: 800 lbs.
Average Side Load (depending on depth and coating): 450 lbs.